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Leon Iron & Metal

Tallahassee, FL


1351 Aenon Church Rd



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Please Scroll Down for Info on Metal Theft Prevention

Leon Iron is leading the way in the fight against Metal theft.

Help us by Protecting yourself with these simple tools




Be on the lookout, if it does not seem right it probably is not


Make your items unique. Stencils and odd paint colors may be all that is needed to make a thief move on


Participate in Neighbourhood watch programs. If your area does not have one, look into starting one


Know your neighbours, tell them when you are out of town. Ask them to do the same


Find out what officers patrol your area of town. Find out if they follow a certain route and schedule


Secure items, chains and locks make for bad targets


Report thefts as soon as possible, give as much detail as possible. The narrower the time frame the better


Please Visit us and Help us STOMP Metal Theft

(Stop Theft of Metal Property)