Leon Iron

Values as strong as steel

Leading the way against Metal Theft

At  Leon Iron, we are doing what we can by:


Working with local law Enforcement

Diligent Record Keeping

Full Video Surveillance

Supporting Legislation that deters and prosecutes metal thieves

Keeping our Eyes and Ears open to our community and metal theft victims

Things you can do to join the fight


Be on the look out for suspicious behavior, metal thieves may try to disguise themselves as repair or maintenance personnel

Secure your metal property, the less opportunity a thief has the less likely he is to make the extra effort

Mark and Identify your property. Odd colored paint and stencils could be all it takes to stop a metal theft

Know your neighbors, Know your Law Enforcement Officers

Report  metal thefts right away. Give details

Help us STOMP Metal Theft

(Stop Theft of Metal Property)




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